The start of a painful quest

By Sean Keller

They are brother and sister, twin brother and sister. The Mon older by 5 mins. Anyway the way they got there powers...yes...that is a story to tell. See they got there powers from magic gems. The Mon used them to gain power so he could fight evil for it was an evil mastermind that had killed there parents. Now he went to the cave ware the magic gems were said to be. He passed test after test that was thrown at him. (Specifics may come latter) unknown to him his sister followed him in the cave. So when he got to the magic gems the seven of them were laying out in a square fashion. 9 gems with one hidden underneath the pedestal they were sitting on. All of them were diff vibrant colors that radiated with power except the one hidden underneath. That one was black and had more power in it than the others. As the Mon Seam came closer there power passed into him. He felt the power flow into him all except the dark gem underneath. Its power gathered more and more. Moness watched all of this until she stepped from behind the rock; she was hiding b-hind into view.

"Moness! What are you doing here?" - The Mon

"Brother, what are...oh my god!" - Moness

As the Moness said that she saw a hideous dark being behind her brother and without thinking dove pushing The Mon out of the way of an incoming blast that was darker than pitch black. She was hit instead of the Mon, and the blast was not mint to damage but to transfer the evil essence into a physical body, namely The Mon. But the process was already started in Moness and the evil since great power in the girl. So he continued to blast Moness turning her skin black and changing her from within. If not for The Mon stopping it when he did Moness would no longer be. The Mon shot pure energy at the darkness forcing it away. This had left the Moness in a weak state, near death. In order to save his sister The Mon transferred some of the power of the gems into her. This made him less powerful and with fewer powers but still super human. This saved the Moness but left great evil inside of her. She now wares a dark cloth, which the gems were laying on, around her head in order to help control the evil inside. Now she and her brother look for the dark energy that did this to her, for the only way to insure that the evil inside of the Moness is completely expelled is to destroy the source.

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