1. E.L.M
(A companion to Dark Veil)
By: Michael Moore

The two thugs, dressed in their Italian best,
waited impatiently for their contact to arrive. The
bulkier one drummed his fingers across the hood of a
Volkswagon, while the other chewed on a toothpick.
Definitely consipcuous.
"Who're we here to meet Kent? Some Crey
scientist again? Or is this a messenger from SPIDER?"
the big one asked. He was definitely the muscle,
carrying various handguns in his pockets (even a
single shot in his left shoe).
Kent sighed and took his toothpick in one hand.
"We're going to meet a H.E.L.M. agent. Apparently
something's happening on the Rogue Islands. And
Arachnos should be at the heart of it. So shut up and
wait for him, H.E.L.M.'s always on time Drew."
Drew waited, but he couldn't stand suspense. At
length he asked, "But what's H.E.L.M.? I've never
heard of 'em."
"They're one of the smallest groups in history.
They're main base is somewhere on the Rogue Isles, but
they don't expand I hear. They've got deep pockets,
really deep, so that they can pay off anyone. From
what I know, they practically run about twenty of the
world's greatest tourism and trade cities." Kent
replied. Drew was shocked, and stopped drumming his
"So they own some of the greatest attractions in
the world? Like Washington?"

At this time, a heavily armored figure walked
into sight. He had climbed to the top of a
multi-level parking garage on foot in all of that
"Actually, we control a small chunk of the
monetary gains from the Smithsonian Intstitue, but its
worth the risk. Now gentlemen, on to business."
As the man stepped into the light, they could see
his armor more clearly. It was sleek, but dull, all
in grey that didn't shine. He looked almost like a
robot in it, because his head was covered in a face
plate with several protruding ends.
Kent and Drew waited, being professionals in
their field, tracking and abduction of heroes. The
armored H.E.L.M. operative stood before them, keeping
his arms to his sides.
"One of our projects escaped one month ago, and
we've traced the signature here to Paragon City. At
first, there didn't seem to be anything that could
alter it, but then we learned of the Hamidon, that
leads the Devouring Earth. It has the neccessary
genetic structure to alter our experiment into human
form. We don't operate against heroes, but you two
  1. Find our experiment, and you'll never have to
work again, but we won't kill you."
The two hero hunters were a little shocked at his
last statement, but Kent took it as a gesture of faith
that they would be paid. He held his hand forward,
and the H.E.L.M. operative shook it.
"You'll need this to find him," he gave Kent a
small PDA with program modifications. "And you'll
need this to subdue him," he handed Drew what looked
like an average taser. Drew took it cautiously.
"Well gentlemen, I'll be staying at the Ambassador
hotel. Supposedly, there's something even bigger
going on there, and I have to confirm a deal with
Malta while I'm there. Don't dissapoint me, or else
Twelve Helm will be here himself."
With that, the H.E.L.M. operative departed,
leaving Kent and Drew to ponder this development.
Whoever Twelve Helm was, he was probably their
executioner if they failed.
"Well," Drew started, "Looks like we'd better
find this little project before old Twelvie gets us."
Kent nodded, unlocked the black Camero, and drove
off with his partner. They had no idea what they had
been caught up in, or what H.E.L.M. had done to doom
the universe.
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