Gideon entered the church when he noticed a wind blowing inside the old abandoned church. Gideon went to the alter and saw a figure waiting there for him. It was the Angel Gabrial. Gideon knew something was up, Gabrial only came when God had a special mission for him "Gabrial what brings you here?" Gabrial looked at Gideon. "I am here because you are needed elsewhere." Gabrial tells him. "Wassup what's the dilly." "There has been disappearences in Paragon City Rhode Island, Children have been missing." Gideon looks at Gabrial with a look of concern. "So God wants me to investigate." A group known as the Circle Of Thorns are behind it, there are cases of Devil worship going on not only by the Circle Of Thorns but by a gang known as the Hellions." Gideon's face changes to that of a look of anger and determination. "I will do what I have to in order to stop them." There has also been an increase in Supernatural creatures there."

Gideon knew he had to go and got his duffle bag ready. Gabrial stopped Gideon. One more thing you will be tested and stripped of some of your powers. Gideon's expression chages to a surprised look. "You will no longer be able to go ethereal and walk among spirits nor will you be able to teleport through shadows or use the Redeemers touch and you will be stripped of your immortality. Gideon knew it had to be done. Gabrial put his hands over Gideon's head as it began to glow. "It is done, you will gain your powers back as you progress in the mission. Don't forget God is always with you."Gideon nodded he then got his duffle bag got on his motorcycle and rode off. Little did Gideon know that Stonecold had one of his henchmen spying on him. Gideon called his contact Maria at the police station and explained the situation, maria then called the Paragon City PD to let them know of Gideon's arrival.

Gideon arrives in Paragon City and enters the police department. "Hello My name is Gideon and i'm here to investigate the disappearences."The cop stares at Gideon up and down." Ah yes you are the new heroe Maria told us about, You need to go to City Hall in Atlas Park, Now according to Maria you are a heroe who's powers are magic based, When you enter City Hall Go to M.A.G.I there you will find your contact Azuria." Gideon then heads to Atlas Park and sees the City Hall Building. Gideon enters the building and asks about M.A.G.I. he is lead down some stairs and reaches his destination. Gideon enters the M.A.G.I. office. Ah Gideon I been expecting you, I was told by the powers that be that you would come. Gideon knew there was something about this woman, He could sence her mystical abilities. "Before we begin I must warn you, your nemesis Stonecold is also on his way here." Gideon knew that in the state he was in it would be tougher to fight Stonecold or any other vampire that would get in his way.

Azuria told Gideon where he could find an informant that knew the Circle Of Thorns where abouts. Gideon headed out to find the informant. As Gideon walked the streets he heard a scream coming from a near by alley Gideon went in the alley. There he saw two men with a pentagram with a goats head on the back of thier jackets. He then saw a woman and her child. Gideon tapped one of the men in the back. When the man turned around Gideon punched him in the face. The other man started shooting at Gideon but Gideon deflected the bullets with his sword. The man that Gideon punched got up and began shooting hell fire from his hands. gideons sword started glowing and formed a forcefield around him. Gideon then picked the man that shot the flames up by the throat with his supernatural strength and threw him against the wall knocking him out. The other man ran away. "You haven't heard the last of the hellions heroe." The man said as he ran away. "Thank you, you saved our lives." the woman tells him. "Wow a real super heroe." The little boy says all excited. Gideon smiles at the little boy. "Think of me as your Guardian Angel." Gideon tells the child.Gideon escorts them home. Gideon then gives the woman his cell phone number. If you're ever in trouble call me." Gideon leaves after escorting them home.

Gideon finds the informant. "You must be Gideon." The man tells him. "Yes I am." The man offers Gideon a seat. Gideon sits down. "So I hear that you are here to investigate the disappearences and the Circle Of Thorns. Gideon nods"Yes, that's what i'm here for." The man offers Gideon some coffee. "I assume you don't have a place to stay while you're here." Gideon nods. The man gives Gideon a pair of keys. "These are the keys to an apartment in a building I own, you can stay there as long as you are here." Gideon smiles. "Thank you." Gideon tells the man. "You will find the Circle in a cave in Perez Park but before you go you should rest, it is getting late. Gideon heads to the apartment. Gideon reaches the building and parks his motorcycle outside. Gideon goes inside building and opens the door to the apartment. Night falls and Gideon falls asleep.

The Next day Gideon heads out. Gideon recieves a phone call on his cell. Gideon answers the call." Hello Gideon This is Mary, the woman you saved. My son Jimmy has gone missing since after you saved us yesterday. I let him play outside and he disapeared." The woman begins crying. "I'll get right to it." Gideon then closes his cell phone. Gideon instinctly knew The Circle Of Thorns were behind it. Gideon heads toward Perez Park. Gideon entered Perez Park. As he enters the park he is ambushed by 6 Hellions. "Remember us Heroe?" Gideon sees the 2 Hellions he fought with the day before. Gideon is then knocked out from behind.

Gideon wakes up hours later. He finds him self chained up to a chair. Gideon looks up and sees the 6 Hellions that ambushed him as well as many more." Well well well we got ourselves a heroe." One of the Hellions says as he smirks confidently. Gideon looks up at the man. "My name is Diablo and you are gonna tell me why you're here." The man says as he smiles arrogantly. Gideon chuckles. The man gets angry as his hands become engulfed in flames. "You are gonna tell me why you are here or things are gonna get hot in here." Another Hellion then yells out. "We been invaded by the skulls red alert" All but one Hellion leave the room. The Hellion in the room takes out a knife and cuts Gideon's face. Gideon's wound immediatly closes and heals. "Your helpless now heroe." Gideon looks at the Hellion and smiles. "Wanna bet." With that said, Gideon breaks free from the chains. The Hellion begins to yell out but Gideon knocks him out with a quick punch to his face.

Gideon leaves the room and sees a few Hellions laying on the floor. He then run into some men with skulls painted on thier faces. The men attack Gideon. Gideon then gets in a martial arts stance. The men charge at Gideon. Gideon hits one with an open palm to the chest. Gideon then roundhouse kicks another. Gideon fights his way through Hellions and Skulls as he runs down the hall way. A Skull and a Hellion come running towards him and he double clotheslines them. he then slams another Skull and does a back breaker to an oncoming Hellion. Gideon then sees the exit. As he heads toward the exit Diablo hurls a fireball towards him. Gideon jumps out of the way. Gideon summons his sword. Diablo hurls another fireball towards him But Gideon block with his sword as his sword forms a forcefield. Gideon charges Diablo and spears him against the wall. Gideon then DDTs Diablo knocking him out. Gideon heads out the exit.

Gideon steps outside and sees that it is now night time. As Gideon heads toward the park he gets the feeling that he is being watched. Gideon looks around then he getts a quick glimpse of a figure on top of a building when Gideon looks again the figure is gone. Gideon enters the park and follows the direction he was given to the cave where the Circle Of Thorns are. Gideon goes inside the cave. The cave has a musty smell in it. Gideon enters one of the caverns. He then hears the cries of children. Gideon follows where he hears the cries as he enters another cavern. Gideon then seen the kidnapped children Jimmy was among the 8 children. Gideon then notices 12 Circle Of Thorns members. "Don't cry you are here to serve a great purpous. Your souls will be devoured by the Demon lord Necron." The priest then summons the Demon. A Demon looking like a rotting corpse with horns all o0ver his body appears.The Demon picks Jimmy up to devour his soul but Gideon comes charging at him and slices him with his sword. The Demon then lets the child go. Ah Gideon, Gods chosen warrior of the light The Demon says in a raspy voice.

Gideon charges the demon again. The Demon claws Gideon in the chest. Gideon grabs his chest in pain.The Demon then goes to bite him, but Gideon jumps out of the way.The Demon claws at Gideon again but Gideon slices him with his sword. The Demon hurls a ball of negative black energy and Gideon blocks it with his sword. Gideon and the demon both charge each other. Gideon slices The Demon in the abdomen. The demon falls to the floor. "Burn in hell demon spawn!" With that said the sword begins to glow and Gideon impales the demon with it. The demon then disappears. "No!!! How can this be, you defeated the mighty Necron!" Gideon smiles. You heard the demon i'm God's chosen warrior." Gideon then gets ready to battle the Circle Of Thorns.

Before Gideon could a attack, figure came in and grabbed the priest. "Naughty naughty, summoning Demons to devour Children?" The figure then sunks his fangs into the priest's neck as the priest let out a scream. "Stonecold!!! You followed me here." Gideon looked at the vampire knowing the fight had just begun. The Circle Of Thorns came charging at them. Stonecold clawed and ripped through human flesh. Stonecold Ripped out one Circle member's throat and ripped out another's heart. Stonecold fought his way through 6 of them, While Gideon fought against the other 5. bolts of magical energy were being hurled at both men as they dodged through them. Gideon grabbed 2 of the Circle members and bumped thier heads together. another came charging with a sword. Blocked the sword and threw the man against the wall. Then another threw daggers at Gideon. With his quick reflexes he caught them and threw them back at him killing him. Meanwhile Stonecold had his hands full with the 4 that were left. Stonecold ripped the arms off one of the attackers while he bit another in the throat ripping it out. He tore another's face off and the man began screaming. Stonecold laughed at the carnage he createdleaving dimembered bodies every where.

Gideon and Stonecold then faced each other."I won't be as easy as these Circle Of Thorns members."Stonecold swung at Gideon but Gideon blocked it. Stonecold was then met with a punch to the Stomach. Stonecold then grabbed Gideon and started ramming his head against the wall of the cave. Gideon picked Stonecold up and suplexed him over the alter breaking the sacrificial table. As Gideon walked towards Stonecold, he was hit with a low blow. Gideon fell to the floor holding his crotch in pain. Stonecold then began stomping on Gideon while he was on the floor. Gideon then grabbed Stonecold's leg and flipped him over. Stonecold pulled out the sword of Tepes. "Your soul is mine." Stonecold went to impale Gideon with the sword but Gideon blocked it with his own sword. Gideon and Stonecold went back and forth fighting with the swords. Gideon then sliced Stonecold in the stomach. Stonecold retreated. As Gideon untied the children the police came in. "What happened here?" one of the officers asked as he saw some of the disembodied dead members of the Circle. Gideon looked at the cop. Thier Demon summoning went wrong, The Demon killed most of them until I destroyed it. Gideon then takes Jimmy outside and his mother was waiting for him. Jimmy hugged his mom and told her everything. "This is the second time you helped me. thank you, you are a real heroe." Mary says as she kisses her son while embracing him.
Gideon's Arrival
by Ruben Bonilla
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