What a miserable day , my head hurts and work was never-ending. *sigh*

I walk out the door , waving pleasantly to my co-workers and thinking not so nice things about them. I grin slightly at my own evil mind and step outside into the blazing sunlight. My hand moves to shield my eyes and I fumble with my sunglasses. They hit the pavement and shatter. I look up and the sky and sigh heavily, I loved those sunglasses. I walk the long walk to the train station, my mind wandering aimlessly . I realize I;m not squinting anymore and I look up .

Heavy black clouds have gathered, and I shake my head. Great, and my umbrella is under my desk. I walk a bit more swiftly, hoping to avoid the impending rain. I don't move fast enough. Half-way to my destination the sky opens up. Where the hell did this storm come from? It was so nice a few minutes ago.

'Course, this is Paragon , weird stuff happens all the time. But this is a bit much , even here. A bolt of lightening strikes the building over my head and I scream. Bits of concrete scatter by my feet and I look for the nearest shelter. Damn, only thing I see is a bus stop. I sprint towards it and duck inside. My heart is racing and I try to calm down.

It would have worked if not for the sound that caught my attention. An odd noise, something I can't quite place. I strain to listen over the sound of the raging storm, which has gotten worse. The sound gets louder. My blood runs cold, I finally placed the noise. It's laughter. Not the sound of joy, but something cold....evil. I am afraid to look around, but I am compelled at the same time. I search the area around me and pray to see nothing. Too late, a form approaches from my right. I back into the corner of the bus stop, as if there is any protection here. I see the shape grow larger and realize it's not quite human, I try my best to keep the panic at bay, trying so hard not to collapse. My eyes are clouded by tears and I curse my inability to do anything.

The sounds of it's laughter gets worse as it gets closer. Then it speaks, " Miyaka...."

I scream now, hoping to block the sound of that hideous creature's voice saying my name. I clap my hands over my ears and shriek at it to go away. It will not be drowned out, I think it's in my head.

It wanders into my line of sight and the noise in my throat stops cold. The vision of it is worse than anything I have ever imagined. He (it) stands 8 feet tall, covered in metal and glowing a sickly purple color. ...Freakshow..... they were on the news the other night. I remember watching in horror as they were lead away by the police. But the camera does them no justice. It cannot convey the horror and evil they radiate.

I feel weak and oh so helpless as it approaches, still saying my name in some kind of hideous sing-song voice. I cannot do anything but watch as it descends upon me.

It grins and I find my voice again. I can't believe the sound coming from my mouth.. Terror ..panic..hopelessness., I can't escape. The smell of it will haunt me until my dying day., gasoline and sulfur, mixed with decay. I feel my stomach lurch. I can't think clearly, and it is right here. It chuckles and my scream catches in my throat.

"I have come for you Miyaka," it gurgles in a deep voice. I shake my head and try to climb further into the corner of the bus stop. It looks me up and down, "Yes, you are the one. I have been sent here for you. The mystics have told me much."

What???? What mystics????? My look of bewilderment must have caught his eye.

The grin again, " You know nothing of which I speak. More's the pity, I hoped you would know why you have to die Miyaka. "


"..noo...." The only words I can manage. It moves closer and actually touches me. It reaches out and actually touches my face. My skin crawls and I jerk back.

"So pretty.......but I have my orders." He reaches back and I slam my eyes shut. I don't want to see this coming.

I wait for the final blow, my mind racing through a million things. It sticks on just one thing, I have never been loved . Not really. How sad.....to die and never have been loved. I prepare myself for the end.

I hear a scream and suddenly realize it's not mine. It's his, the monster is screaming. My eyes fly open of their volition and I see blasts of blue energy pelting him. I can't see who is hurting him, but I don't care. I watch fascinated as he tries in vain to fight back. Whoever my savior is, they are powerful. The monster goes down, slamming hard into the pavement. I can't help but feel a little satisfied as he smacks his face against the concrete. I cower in my corner still, waiting and hoping to see who came to rescue me .

The clouds clear slowly and a man comes hovering down from the sky. He looks at the form of the fallen monster and says something. I can't really hear it, my heart is pounding so fast. I stare intently as he turns around. My breath catches as he looks at me. I have never seen anyone so handsome. I scold myself for thinking such a ridiculous thing at such a time. I was almost killed by some freashow and here I am ogling my savior. He comes closer and looks right at me (at least I think so, he's wearing sunglasses).

" Are you ok?" His voice is deep and kind.

I can't speak. I fall into his arms and then blackness.

I awake in a bed, not my own. A wave of panic sweeps over me and I try to get up.

"Lay down. You've been though alot."

A voice from the other side of the room gently speaks to me. I look wildly around and see the person who spoke. A man, not the one who saved me smiles softly.

"Hi, " he speaks to me like I know him.

",,h-hello" I stammer my reply and try to calm down. He's handsome, but not as handsome as the man who rescued me. My mind begins to process the events that had taken place and I reel. I look to the man standing at the foot of the bed . "Where am I? "

He smiles that kind smile and says, "Well if I told you that I would have to kill you."

My mouth slams shut and I feel the terror creeping back in.

He looks mortified and quickly apologizes, " Hey, hey I was kidding. I'm sorry. I should know better, sometimes I think I'm being funny,"

I relax a bit and smile weakly at him.

"I'll explain everything. First of all, my name is Haruko. You are in our base."

"Base? and who are we?" I can't help but ask.

He chuckles and continues, " WE are Top Ten, a super group. This," he gestures around," is where we stay."

"A super group? Like for heroes?" So why am I here?

He laughs again," Yes, for heroes. You were brought here by Lord Nikon. He should be back soon. Valya sent him to bed. He hasn't left your side since you got here."

I feel my face turn red. Lord Nikon, nice name. I know his name. "But why was I brought here? Why did that thing come after me?"

He looks more serious now and sits on the end of the bed. I move my feet to give him room. "Well, that takes a bit more explaining......." He stops as the door opens. A woman walks in, she's beautiful and somehow regal.

"Good Morning Haruko," she smiles lightly and puts a tray by the bed.

"Hey Buttercup." he smiles back and turns to me.

Buttercup? Hmm interesting name...... She sits in a chair to the left of the bed.
"Haruko, you don't really have to explain that much. Just hand her the Katana."

"What?" I look at her and tilt my head to the side. Haruko leaves the room for a minute and comes back carrying a katana. But, not just any katana. "Where did you get that? It was my grandmother's."
Haruko looks to Buttercup and she takes it from him.

"Miyaka," she looks directly at me," I have some news about your grandmother."

I look at the covers on my bed and cry a little. I loved her so much. She was always so kind and patient.

"This is the reason that Freakshow was after you. "
"My grandmother's katana?"

"Take it."

I take the katana slowly out of her hands and I feel something. My hands get warm and a green glow starts to spread outwards. A soft wind swirls around me and I hear the voice of my Grandmother. I can never put into words what she said. But, it changed the course of my life. I smile and sit back in the bed.

The door opens again and Lord Nikon walks into the room, I feel my face turn red. Buttercup notices and grins at me. She leans forward and whispers in my ear, "He's single." My face gets even hotter. I look at him and I swear he looks a little red too.

"You're better I see." He smiles and I notice his sunglasses are gone. He has beautiful eyes.

I smile and look down, "Thanks to you. So what do I do now guys?"

They look at each other and Buttercup speaks.

"We want you to join us. There is alot you are going to need to know. The fight for justice and peace is never ending here, we always need more help."

I feel humbled and proud.

I know what I must do now.

I am a hero.
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