It's been a long five months Since Gideon arrived in Paragon City. He has gained his powers back as Gabriel Told him he would. Since arriving to the City he has made many enemies from Hellions, the Tsoo, Circle of Thorns, and the Banished Pantheon. His mission from God was clear to him. Go to Paragon City and defeat the supernatural beings and evil magic weilders. Gideon always believed in one God and that was Yawei as well as His son Christ who was responcible for making him who he is today. Gideon cherished The Sword of the spirit Nazarene which Christ handed to him. A sword which held the power of creation. The Sword created By Christ himself out of his essence. He knew of God The Devil as well as the Demons and Angels that were mentioned in the Bible. But little did he know about what he was going to find out. The Angel Gabriel appeared once more bringing a message to Gideon. " It is time you learned more." Gabriel said to him. Gideon looked at him. "What is it that I need to learn?"

Gabriel sat down. "Before The lord created angels demons and humans,he created other gods from his own essence." Gideon was surprised to say the least. He created what you humans know as the different pantheons of different Mythologies. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. These Gods eventually wantedThe humans to worship them as they worshipped Yawei. So they began to appear to the humans and performed miracles as well." Gideon was in shock at what he just heard. He always believed in the one God but knew something was up when heroes named After Odin and other such Gods started appearing in Paragon. Gideon also Noticed that there were angels who appeared for the on coming battles. Gabriel smiled at Gideon. "You are here working for the one true God, Your mission is to stop these other beings before Armagedon begins. Be strong and have faith." Gabriel then disappeared.

Gideon felt sure as ever about completing his mission. He knew that he along with the angels that were sent to Paragon city were on an important mission for God. He set out on his daily routine of saving the city. Gideon recieved a call on his cell phone. He picked up and the person on the other line told him that more people had been disappearing by the sewers at Atlas. Gideon hung up the phone and headed towards the sewers. Gideon noticed there were other heroes entering the sewers. He quickly joined a team. Gideon and the other heroes saw some Zombies eidolons and Mortificators surounding some people. Gideon charged in with his sword distracting them as the heroes ambushed them. one of the Heroes known as Flamestrike a Flame tank set the zombies on fire, while a hero known as Widowmaker started shooting at the mortificators with his assault rifle.

Another hero by the name of Mindwipe a mind control forcefield controller mezmerised the eidolons as well as surrounding the team with forcefields. More of the Vahziloc came as they heard the comotion. Gideon and the other heroes were surrounded. some of the zombies swung at Gideon but he phase shifted causing them to miss. Mindwipe began to mesmerize the others as Flamestrike and Widowmaker attacked.All of a sudden Dr Vahziloc came. Gideon and the others fought the Vahz to a stand still. He went and charged Dr Vahz. Dr Vahz swung but Gideon was to fast. Gideon used his super natural strength and speed to get the better of him. Dr then grabbed Gideon and bear hugged him. Gideon using his super natural strength broke free. Dr Vahz swung at Gideon again but Gideon grabbed his arm and flipped him over. He then punched Dr Vahz in the face knocking him out cold. The police came into the sewers where Gideon and the heroes were and arrested Dr Vahz. The people that were kidnapped went with the police.

Gideon went back to his apartment in Skyway. He turned on the TV and wached the news. The Media were all over the heroes that Helped him with the rescue asking them questions. One of the Questions asked was who is this Mystery man called Gideon. One man took the microphone and Mentioned how Gideon was the Dark Savior of New York city and came to Paragon to save them. Another man said he was a Spirit of Vengeance and that he seen him phase shift and turn invisible The heroe Widowmaker said that he was a Heroe like he and the rest doing his job. Gideon changed the channel. His mind began to drift as he started falling asleep. Gideon saw himself in the middle of Atlas park. all the buildings were in flames. He saw heros around him fighting to protect the city in vein. He then saw members of the circle of thorns and the Banished Pantheon opening a gateway to another Dimension.With them was a new group of Villains The leader of this group looked like a spider.

In the dream He saw the hero Statesman charge this unknown Spider like figure. The portal was opened and he saw dark gods come forth as well as legions of Demons. The heroes battled these beings of immence power. The Spider like figure is then seen grabbing Statesman. Statesman utters one word as he then punches the spider like figure through a wall. The word that comes out of Statesman's mouth is Arachnos. Gideon then goes charging one of the beings that stepped through the portal. He notices his sword starts glowing. An aura surounds his body. His hair turns silver. He then hears a voice. "It's is time for your ascension." the voice tells him. Gideon Slashes one of the Dark beings with his sword. The being then turns to ash. The spider like figure then grabs Statesman and sends him flying through a building causing it to collapse and fall on top of him.Gideon sees heroes drop left and right. He then sees Azuria. She looks into his eyes as she puts her hand on his cheek. "You are the key." She tells him. Gideon then wakes up.

He looked at the clock and saw that it was 7:00 in the morning. Gideon went to a local diner and ate breakfast. by the time he was done he desided to head to steel canyon and go to ICON to buy some new clothes. He saw a leather hooded sure coat and some banded boots. Gideon looked at his old coat and his combat boots and decided to change them. Gideon bought the new coat and boots as he looked at the other heroes trying on new costumes. He then picked up some jeans and a few tank tops. Gideon then headed home with his new gear. He dropped his stuff home, When he headed back out after walking a few blocks he saw some outcast harassing an old man. "Well aren't you big and tough harassing an old man." Gideon smiled. As the outcast were distracted the old man left. the outcast load brick turned his fists to stone and started swinging at Gideon. Gideon dodged his blows meanwhile the other tried to freeze Gideon. Gideon jumped out of the way and the load brick was frozen instead. Gideon got close to the out cast with the ice powers and gave him an uppercut. As he turned around the outcast shocker shot a burst of electricity stunning him. Gideon passes out.

Gideon wakes up feeling cold. He notices his body is frozen in a block of ice. He notices a few outcasts staring at him and laughing among them is the founder of the outcasts Frostfire and his generals Electric eel, Bedrock, and Keystone. "The Circle of Thorns payed us good money to have you captured" Frostfire says with a cocky grin Gideon tries to phase shift but can't. "It's no use, you can't escape." He continues to struggle but it's useless. Gideon then looked up at the window and saw a familiar face. Hey what are you looking at Electric eel asks. Gideon smiles. "I'm lookin at your stank ass momma." Electric eel shocks him.There is a comotion going on outside. Bedrock goes to check. When he opens the door and enters the hall way he sees outcasts layed out on the floor. "We got trouble. Bedrock tells Frostfire. all of a sudden a grenade comes flying at Bedrock exploding. Bedrock was sent crashing through the wall. Widowmaker came in along with Flamestrike. Electric eel and Keystone go to confront them Before they could react the hero that Gideon saw in the window came in and kicked Electric eel. "Flamestrike go free Gideon. Widowmaker tells him. Flamestrike summons a fire sword and melts the ice with it. Frostfire then summons some fire imps to aid him.

Gideon looks at the hero that came in through the window. "Shadow Wraith how did you guys find me." The heroe surounds his hands with negative energy and starts swinging at Electric eel."Bedrock gets up No time to talk, gotta fight." Bedrock gets up and charges Widowmaker. While Keystone and the fire imps attack Flamestrike. Frostfire starts shooting fireballs at Gideon then shard of ice. Gideon dodges the fire balls then phaseshifts causing the shards of ice to go right through him. Electric eel shoots bolts of electricity at Shadow Wraith, but Wraith phase shifts as well.Shadow Wraith then hits Electric eel with a round house causing him to stumble back. Wraith then surounds his hands with negative energy and Hits Eel with a few calculated blows sending him reeling back Bedrock turns his fists to stoneand begins throwing punches at Widowmaker. Widowmaker maneges to dodge and stuns him with a taser. Meanwhile Flamestrike is swinging his firesword at Keystone. Keystone summons a stone malet and swings at Flamestrike. Flamestrike then blocks it with his fireswordThe imps then attack Flamestrike but flamestrike absorbs them into his body. Flamestrike then surounds Keystone in a ring of fire.

Frostfire continues shooting fireballs at Gideon. Gideon manages to get close enough and the two trade blows. Frostfire then manages to stab Gideon in the stomach with an ice shard. Gideon stumbles back. He then begins to regenerate as he pulls out the shard from his stomach. "You're helpless now hero." Frostfire is about to hit Gideon with a fireball when all of a sudden Shadow Wraith pushes him towards Gideon. Feel the pain of those you murdered." Gideon tells Frostfire as he puts his hand on Frostfire's head delivering the Redeemer's touch causing him to see the images of the lives he had taken and make him feel the pain ten fold. "The pain the agony, I I c can't take it AAAAHHHH!!!" Frostfire screams out, then passes out and is vegetated as he starts foaming at the mouth. Wincott comes in with a few cops and pick up Frostfire as well as his generals and the rest of the outcasts. Shadow Wraith and the others look at Gideon. "So what are you gonna do now?" Shadow Wraith asks. Gideon looks at them back. "I'm going after the Circle of Thorns."

Gideon heads to Perez park. Gideon enters one of the caves and sees the Circle of Thorns. "It appears that Frostfire failed." The high priest Says. Gideon looked at the priest who was grinning. "No matter, we have been waiting for you." Gideon summons his Sword Nazarene when all of a sudden a Figure steps out of the shadows. Gideon looks at the figure in shock. The figure standing before him Was Gideon himself. "Meet Death Shroud an alternate evil version of you self from an alternate earth." The Priest tells him. Death Shroud looks at Gideon up and down sizing him up. He then summons a sword of his own. The sword was surrounded with negative energy. "I will crush you with my Demon blade." Death Shroud tells Gideon.They charge each other as thier swords clash. The Circle of Thorns then leave the cave. Death Shroud summons some black tentacles and they wrap around Gideon. The black tentacles start draining him. Gideon begins to feel weak. The sword begins to glow giving him the strength to cut himself free. Gideon then charges Death Shroud. They continue to battle but both are to evenly matched. Gideon swings at Shroud but Shroud counters. Death Shroud then Slices Gideon's chest. Gideon moves back as he begins to regenerate..

Death Shroud turns invisible and continues to slice away at Gideon. Gideon is then sent flying through a wall from a powerful impact from Death Shroud. causing him to break a few bonesHe struggles to get up as he regenerates and his wounds heal. Gideon then closes his eyes and begins to concentrate. Death Shroud who is still invisible swings his swod at Gideon. Gideon then blocks it with his own sword. His hands begin to glow. Gideon then hit Shroud with such force that it sends him flying across the cavern. Death Shroud loses his concentration and becomes visible again. Gideon jumps on Death Shround ready to impale him but Shroud blocks it with his sword. He then manages to kick Gideon off. Gideon hit Death Shroud with a round house kick to the temple. He then hits Shroud with an uppercut. Gideon then swings his sword at Death Shroud. Death Shroud phaze shifts but was still cut by Gideons sword. "How could this be." Shroud says as he is surprised that Gideon was able to injure him with his sword even after he turned ethereal. "My sword was made for fighting super natural creatures especially Ghosts." Shroud then retreats. "We will meet again." Gideon looks at Shroud. "And I will be waiting
Cloak of Darkness
by Ruben Bonilla
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