Welcome to the City of Heroes Writer's Guild webpage! Our mission is a simple one.

The Offical City of Heroes site can't publish all the fan fiction and art they receive. But we will! If you want the rest of the CoH universe to read and see your stuff send it to us and it will be posted -no charge!

So fire up those word processors! Sharpen those pencils!

Remember: the city is theirs but the characters are ours!
City of Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (mmorpg) where you are a superhero!
Choose from different origins and create your costume from thousands of combinations!
Fight the evil criminal element of Paragon City alone, on a team or in your own supergroup from the tops of the highest skyscraper to the sewers below!
Earn rewards, badges and greater powers! Become the greatest hero the city has ever seen!
City of Heroes - where YOU are the Hero!
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